Banggood SV4401A 50KHz-4400MHz Vector Network Analyzer 7 inch Touch Screen 100db Dynamic NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer

LaPerformances du produit :1. Measurement frequency range: 50KHz-4400MHz;2. RF output power: adjustable from -12dbm to -42dbm (step 1db) (error in the whole frequency band: plus or minus 1db);3. Frequency accuracy: ±1ppm, ±5KHz >140MHz4. S21 dynamic range: 90dB (below 2GHz), 75dB (4.4GHz) (25 times average and 100Hz IF are turned on), if 100Hz and 25 times average are turned on, 100db of dynamics can be achieved below 1.3GHz.5.S11 dynamic range: better than 50db6.2 port return loss: 30dB typ (1.5GHz), 20dB min (4.4GHz)7.USB Interface: USB Type-C Communication Mode: CDC (Serial)8. Number of calibration points: 101-1001 points9. Number of scanning points: 101-1001 points10. Display trace: 7 traces11. Mark: 8 mark points (the mark bar can be moved anywhere on the screen)12. Save settings: 12 (quick menu) (after saving, it can be directly called when the next startup is used, no need to re-calibrate, and the saved parameters before the last shutdown will be automatically recalled when the next startup, and the function of automatically storing the start and end frequencies is added. , which is convenient for the next call) Built-in file saving, in principle, unlimited storage units can be saved, depending on the capacity of the TF card.13. Scanning speed: about 400 points/second14. It can measure S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio, SWR, Smith chart, phase diagram, group delay, TDR function...;15. Using a 7-inch high-brightness IPS capacitive touch screen, the viewing angle

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